Clinical Educator Information (Yearlong Internship)

Yearlong Interns are Student Teachers in the semester prior to the Student Teaching semester. The YLIs will be placed on the school site for consecutive semesters. In the first semester these students will spend a day per week working with you the Clinical Educator as well as completing specific clinical tasks for their course work.

Below you will find several resources to guide you the Clinical Educator during this very critical pre-student teaching semester.

YLI Orientation Schedule and Semester Information

YLI Clinical Educator Orientation Presentation

Clinical Educator Roles and Responsibilities Document

Webinar Series Schedule--this series is open to both current CEs and YLI CEs and completion of the entire series will result in CEs receiving CEUs. 

Coaching Video--this video link describes the new program focus on "coaching" the student teaching candidate in both the YLI and Student Teaching semesters.  

Yearlong Internship Clinical Educator Training Video

Yearlong Internship Video Quiz - To be completed if you are requesting CEUs.