Award for Excellence in Teaching

2021 Award Recipient

Dr. Erik Byker
Department of Reading & Elementary Education

Make Nomination

The College of Education Teaching Award Committee is soliciting nominations for the College of Education Annual Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award has been established to encourage, identify, recognize, reward, and support outstanding teaching within the College of Education.  Nominations are to be based upon sustained excellence of teaching in courses offered by the College.  The award, which includes $1,500 in professional development funds.and an engraved plaque, will be presented at the April meeting of the College of Education Faculty/ Staff.


Nominations are solicited from faculty, staff, students, and alumni and are based upon the following criteria:
1. The nominee must hold a full-time faculty appointment in the College of Education at UNC Charlotte.
2. The nominee must have regularly taught in the College for at least four years.
3. The nominee must be teaching during the academic year in which he or she is nominated.
4. No faculty member will be eligible to receive the award more than once.

College of Education faculty, administrators, staff, students, and alumni may make nominations.

Required Materials:

Nomination materials include:
1. Abbreviate vita (five (5) page limit, with focus on teaching activities
2. Personal statement:teaching philosophy; examples of innovation; examples of student learning outcomes (limit 750 words)
3. Three (3) examples of course syllabi
4. Student evaluations (past three (3) years)
5. Peer observations (past three (3) years, if available)

The nomination deadline is March 15, 2021.

For questions regarding submission of nomination materials, please contact Dr. Victor Mack at

Previous Recipients:

2020 - Sandra Dika
2019 - Spencer Salas
2018 - Mark D'Amico
2017 - Amy Good
2016 - Brian Kissel
2015 - Greg Wiggan
2014 - Teresa Petty
2013 - Lan Kolano
2012 - Chuang Wang
2011 - Scott Kissau
2010 - Sherell Fuller
2009 - Tina Heafner
2008 - Maria Yon
2007 - James Lyons
2006 - Lyndon Abrams
2005 - David Test
2004 - JaneDiane Smith
2003 - Susan Furr
2002 - David Pugalee
2001 - Claudia Flowers
2000 - Jeanneine Jones
1999 - Nancy Cooke
1998 - Phyllis Post
1997 - Jack Piel
1996 - Mary Thomas Burke
1995 - Karen Wood