Award for Excellence in Research

2021 Recipient

Dr. Carl Westine
Department of Educational Leadership  

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This award recognizes an outstanding data-based publication in a peer-reviewed journal published in the past year.  

The recipient will receive a plaque and $1500 in faculty professional development funds.


The publication must be printed (not in press) in a peer-reviewed journal in education or a closely related field within one year of the award (e.g., the 2018 award could have a publication date of 2018 or 2017).
•   First author must be an active member of the faculty of the College of Education at UNC Charlotte.
•   The publication must be data-based.
•   Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible during their year of service.
• Winners of the award may not submit another article/book within five (5) years of receiving the award.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted by any faculty, staff, or students internal or external to the College.

The nomination for the College of Education Annual Research Award will include the following:
• A copy of the publication to be considered
• Evidence of peer-review status of the journal/publisher  (e.g., Editorial Guidelines)
• Letter of Nomination Addressing the Criteria
• A written statement by the first author about the research process (e.g., What I learned from conducting this research; What I learned from members of our team or the review process; In what ways I hope this article will impact the field of education); statements by coauthors are encouraged but not required
• External reviews or a letter from the editor may also be submitted that note the quality and importance of the work (optional)


Book entries/nominations will be considered for the first time in 2017.  The Research Award Committee agreed upon the following guidelines:
• There are no publisher restrictions.
• The nominee must provide a description of how the publication was reviewed.  A description of the review process must be provided if an external review is applicable.
• The first author has to be an active member of the faculty.
• The publication/chapter has to demonstrate a systematic-method of inquiry.
• Members of the selection committee are not eligible during their year of service.
• Nominations from external faculty, staff, or students are acceptable.
• The same requirements for submission apply, i.e., a scanned pdf, uploaded to website, etc.
• For book chapters, the preface, overview of book, and sample chapter should be submitted.
• If there are multiple chapters of a book by the same author, only one chapter may be submitted.  
• Letters of support from the editor are optional.

The nomination deadline is March 15, 2021.

For questions regarding submission of nomination materials, please contact Dr. Victor Mack at

Previous Recipients:

2020 - Hilary Dack & Nicholas Triplett
2019 - Anne Cash, K. J. Debnam, T.E. Waasdorp, M. Wahl, and C.P. Bradshaw
2018 - Florence Martin in collaboration with Chuang Wang and  Ayesha Sadaf
2017 - Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzel 
2016 - Rich Lambert, Paul Fitchett, and Tina Heafner
2015 - Hank Harris
2014 - Mark D’Amico, Sandra Dika, and Bob Algozzine