Joyce Frazier

Faculty Site Coordinator - Elementary Education
COED 137


Dr. Joyce W. Frazier is a university supervisor of student teachers in the Office of School and Community Partnerships at UNC Charlotte. Her teaching career began after graduation from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia in 1974 with a B.A. degree in elementary education. After completion of a Master's degree at Marshall University in 1978, she moved to Columbus, Georgia and continued teaching in Muscogee County. In 1982, her husband's job brought the family to Charlotte, North Carolina and to UNC Charlotte. Dr. Frazier supervised student teachers and taught classes in the College of Education from 1987 to 2008, became Director of Field Experiences in August of that year, and remained in that position until 2018 when the Office of Field Experiences was restructured to become the Office of School and Community Partnerships. She continues to supervise and pursue her interests in student teachers, clinical educators, co-teaching, teacher retention, and professional development schools.


Ph.D. - University of South Carolina, 1999, Instruction and Teacher Education with a concentration in Elementary Education
M.Ed. - Marshall University, 1977, Elementary Education
B.A. - Marshall University, 1974, Elementary Education and English 7-12


Student Teaching/Seminar: K-6 Elementary Education
Graduate Student Teaching/Internship in Elementary Education
Supervision of Student Teaching
Integrating Curriculum for Elementary School Learners
Integrating the Elementary Program
Instructional Design and Evaluation
Research and Analysis of Teaching
Teaching Social Studies to Elementary School Learners
Teaching and Integrating Social Studies

Research Interests/Areas of Expertise

Student teaching
Clinical Educator Professional Development
Teacher Retention
Professional Development Schools


Nominated for the Teaching Fellows Annual Undergraduate Teaching Award, spring, 2010 
2005 Winner of the College of Education’s Faculty Award for Sustained Service to Public Schools
Nominated for the Teaching Fellows Annual Undergraduate Teaching Award, spring, 1995

Community Involvement

Served as the university liaison for a Professional Development School site, University Meadows Elementary School, for the 2003-04 school year and until, May 2016. Related activities included coordinating completion of the school’s self-study; serving on the Steering Committee at the school, teaching an undergraduate class on site, conducting action research, tutoring, serving on the School Leadership Team, conducting an Induction program, compiling year-end PDS reports, and preparing for and attending the PDS National Conferences.

Selected Publications

Polly, D., Frazier, J., Hopper, C., Chapman, M. & Wells, R. (2012). Examining the influence of a support seminar on pre-service teachers’ preparedness for student 
teaching. The Journal of the National Association for Professional Development Schools, 5, 102-107.

Jaus, V., Cockman, N., Frazier, J., Hopper, C., & Rebich, S. (2007). Student teaching assessment rubric. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

Frazier, J. W., & Wise, S. S. (1996). Like it or not: The making of a social studies teacher. Teacher Educators Journal, 6, 1-16.